Master thesis

Work in progress

  • Stefan Bojinovic: Autonomous Capturing of a Tumbling Satellite Using Model Predictive Control, Universität Bremen
  • Maas Iqbal: Modelling of a Real Street Traffic System with incorporating Real-time Traffic Information, Hochschule Bremerhaven
  • Julian Winterhoff: Optimization of logistic and production processes in the area of digital radiography at the Philips Medical Systems DMC GmbH, Universität Bremen

Open topics for Master theses

Comparing the performance of A*-, D*- and Floyd-Warshall-algorithm: a case study for a grid-divided intersection
Within the project the D*-algorithm and optionally the Floyd-Warshall-algorithm shall be implemented. The base scenario for the following case study is a path calculation for cars in a grid-divided intersection. The project focusses on maximizing the throughput of cars while minimizing the energy consumption via minimal holding times. The implementation shall be compared with an A*-implementation incorporating memory consumption, calculation steps and robustness against environmental changes.
Contact: Tobias Sprodowski
Optimal Capacity Adjustment of Job Shop Systems with RMTs
This project focuses on optimizing the capacity adjustment of job shop systems with Reconfigurable Machine Tools (RMTs). First, the model of a job shop system with RMTs should be developed as a mixed integer optimization problem. Then Control Parameterization Enhancing Technique (CPET) will be implemented to optimize the capacity adjustment. Moreover, the properties of CPET shall be analysed and compared to existing techniques.
Contact: Liu Ping