Multi-objective Optimization Model for the Dynamic Dial-a-Ride Problem

Project start: 2018, Project end: 2018
Funding agency: BremenIDEAstudent

Project description


The Dial-a-Ride Problem (DARP) is a special case of the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). The DARP consists of planning routes and schedules to meet a set of users with specific pickup and delivery locations using a given vehicle fleet. The aim is to design a routing plan, i.e. a set of vehicle routes, capable of attending as many users as possible, under a set of constraints, such as time windows and user's time in the vehicle. Not different from other VRP categories, the DARP can be classified as static and dynamic. In the static case, all information about transportation request is known beforehand and used to calculate an a-priori routing plan, on the other hand in the dynamic case, the routing plan is designed in a real-time manner when a new request is revealed. This project work on the dynamic case of the problem, modeled with two goals: decreasing travel costs and reducing user inconvenience.  
Contact: André Luyde da Silva Souza