ARILOG - Autonomous robots in logistic scenarios

Project start: 2017, Project end: 2018
Funding agency: University of Bremen

Project description

The development of autonomous driving for ​​automobile manufacturers is in middle between prototypes and series production. In order to provide students with relevant skills in this direction, Tobias Sprodowski offers students of the University of Bremen the opportunity to work across disciplines on this topic as part of the research network LogDynamics. The student project is divided into four individual projects: construction and control of vehicles; localization within the given space; creation of a graphical application for the operation of vehicles and for the evaluation of measured data; development of a predictive controller (MPC) for collision avoidance. The basis of the autonomous model vehicles are RaspberryPi boards with the GoPiGo vehicle kit, which are supplemented by Marvelmind beacons for exact position detection.
The groups usually consist of six to seven undergraduate or graduate students.
They will gain experience in the execution of a requirement-specific development, as well as the communication and coordination between the working groups involved.
Contakt: MSc. Tobias Sprodowski